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Every production starts with a detailed meeting with our clients to establish their aims and objectives for the project. Only by fully understanding the precise needs and researching fully can we produce the most cohesive and effective work. Any effective communication is defined by clarity of purpose. The target audience needs to be clear and defined which will effect the style and presentation of the message.

Once we have developed the detailed brief with our client we will create a ’treatment’ or outline for the film. We leave this with the client to discuss make suggestions and revisions. We supply our clients with as much input and creative ideas as they require and  when the treatment is approved we write the first draft of the script and storyboard. Our scripts and storyboards are email based so that clients anywhere in the world can have access and input their ideas and revisions instantly. A good shooting script is very important to the success of the end result as well as ensuring the client knows what to expect and budgets are kept in check.

When the script has been approved the production manager or producer will schedule all the necessary elements to the video making process - studios, locations, actors, camera crew etc. A ‘call sheet’ is created which itemizes in detail all the relevant information regarding the shooting such as dates, time, arrangements, contact numbers and is sent to all concerned with the project.

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