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The proposition that the Internet will become the most effective advertising medium ever created appears to be inevitable and will undoubtedly change the nature of the brand/consumer relationship.

Blackman Productions have invested in the technology and technical skills required to deliver content over the many different digital channels now available for advertising, web casting, interactive TV, pod casting and email.

Imagine launching a product with a high quality video played directly to the desk of your qualified potential customers? Blackman Productions can handle your video email campaign from the creation of your commercial to handling emails and collecting responses telling you who has viewed your commercial and who accessed your website for more information.

We can ensure you get the maximum mileage by hosting on the many video sharing websites that are available. Video has become the greatest Traffic Generator on the Internet! We will create your video clip or advertisement so that it is SEO optimised.

52% of all Web traffic is already video.

More than 70% of all web visitors watch video online.

We can write/film/edit and carefully place your banner advertising creating a campaign to maximise ROI.

A video is more compelling, more immediate and less demanding than a traditional web pages. A video presents your key proposition in seconds saving the user precious time.

Video and interactivity gives opportunities to achieve multiple goals simultaneously such as branding, direct response and data capture.

Take for example Apple's 30 minute instructional video (part of an email campaign) about it's iPhone 3G, it was as much a prime marketing vehicle as an educational tool. The video gave the viewer an experience plus how often do you get more than a minute of a customers undivided attention? Your website is your shop front, are you using the computer screen as a print medium? The screen is also a TV screen to play moving images with sound, why not exploit this? In the near future websites will become virtual TV stations and therefore producing relevant, and interesting video will be crucial.

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