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Training is of vital importance to any business or enterprise and film and video has been proven time and time again as a most effective way of getting training messages across. We produce programmes that engage and inform the viewer by using either narration or drama or comedy to create memorable films that get results whether they are viewed on DVD or online as part of an interactive online e-learning programme.

Our award winning team have a vast experience and deep understanding of the production process.

We have been producing training films for Citibank for twelve years. Most of the films have been based on actual events within the company and we have been able to recreate a realistic and convincing scenario with actors playing the part of Citibank staff.

To view clip click Client: Citibank

Blackman Productions have had great success with many productions for the Public Sector. A good example is the CPS who use the two films we produced for them as part of their training course for advocates. One film was a courtroom drama which teaches advocates how to present a case the other uses graphics and narration.

To view clip click Client: Crown Prosecution Service

Quintiles is a multinational company which helps pharmaceutical companies all over the world to get their drugs to market. At the heart of their work are clinical trials. Blackman Productions have been commissioned to produce several films for Quintiles including a safety film which is shown to all volunteers on the first day of their trials.

To view clip click Client: Quintiles

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